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Good creative is hard to approve

Often when I play a piece of creative for a client, there is an uncomfortable silence choking the air out of the room when the audio finishes. I relish this moment. It’s in this moment that I realize I’ve achieved what I wanted.

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A Call for Advertising Revolution

Honest question. Do we talk about ourselves too much in advertising?

Seriously. We all know that this is why people hate commercials of all types. They’re in your face, they waste your time, and they make you tune out.

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6 Reasons Why People are Stupid

A person is smart. People are dumb. Here’s what we need to do in advertising to help them keep up.

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3 Things to Prove "In Store" and Not in Your Commercials

30 seconds. That’s the amount of time you have to make someone listen up, and buy in. It isn’t a lot of time. And, if you don’t play that 30 second message enough, it may never make an impact.

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Do you advertise your business or your industry?

Are you advertising for your business or your industry? This is a really weird pitfall that rarely gets looked at. Good advertisements should give you a good reason to use that specific businesses service.

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