What is Air Support?

Air Support is an advertising and production house that is completely dedicated to the medium of radio, and the delivery of innovative audio solutions!

I love radio. And to be quite honest, it’s really sad to hear how it gets used by advertisers. It’s no secret. Radio advertising can be very irritating. It may be the most clichéd, brutal, soul destroying advertising out there. It’s not the mediums fault though. In my opinion, radio advertising is the most liberating and creative style out there. The problem is it’s abused because it is much more accessible than TV, print, & outdoor. Anyone can do it, and most do it poorly. No other medium has advanced so slowly when it comes to the evolution of advertising. I’ll prove it to you. Turn on your favourite radio station and wait for the next commercial break. You will hear these commercials used.

  • Shouting announcers straight out of the 1970’s, spewing price points and fluff accompanied by lasers, lame whooshes, and music that makes your ears bleed tears.
  • Local businesses throwing their money out the window by advertising horrifically uninteresting reasons why you should visit them (We’ve served the community for over 30 years…we’ve won the local business award for… our service cannot be beaten, blah, blah, blah , zzzzzzzz…)
  • Fake people talking back & forth about products like drones (“Hey, I just went down to ABC store and found paper towel on sale for only $2.39. You should visit them on 34st & 99th ave!) Ughhh…

I bet you didn’t even try this exercise because you already know it’s true. It’s the main reason why I started Air Support. Every one of those examples are used constantly. And every listener has learned to tune them out. They are white noise. And there are thousands of other examples that are just as ineffective.

But, that is a fantastic thing. Because that means there is a great opportunity out there for anyone who wants to do radio advertising right. Because 90% of advertisers do it wrong. Awesome! So where does that leave you?

Well, if you’re still reading, you either agree, or you’re intrigued. Hopefully both! Air support can help you make advertising that will actually grab listeners attention. It’s real advertising. Not clichéd overused tripe. In fact, it’s hard to even call it advertising. Because people nowadays are so bombarded with advertising  that they’ve been trained to block out everything that tries to sell them anything.

To really be allowed access to real people. You need to entertain them, intrigue them, or connect with them on an emotional level. It must be real. And it must be consistent. Otherwise, your advertising is paisley wallpaper. Actually it’s worse. It’s invisible paisley wallpaper.

So let everyone else have commercials that yell at listeners about service, and parking. Let the rest of them waste their money chasing clichés. It will only help your message be heard more easily. Because yours will run right after theirs. You can use your advertising budget smartly. If you’re ready to take a step towards effective radio advertising…call for Air Support.

Who is Adam McGale?

Hey! My name is Adam McGale, and I basically am ” Air Support.”

I was told that I should introduce myself by showing a really nice businessy portrait. Suit, tie, loafers. Degrees, plaques & accolades hanging on the wall behind me. Leg perched up on a chair in front of an impressively complicated looking mixing board. Maybe I should even have my suit jacket off? I could swing it over my right shoulder to show that I’m still down to earth. But hell, I am not that guy!

NOPE! I don’t take nice pictures. I’m one of those creative idiots. I don’t shave often. I swear a lot, and I have an unbreakable dream.

I’ve never taken a nice, normal picture in my life. And it won’t start here. My goal is that when I die, my family will sort through the pictures of my life to find a suitable picture to put in front of my casket. One that’s honorable, dramatic, and nice. They will not find one. They will all be ridiculous. They’ll be forced to put up a stupid picture of me. One that will make everyone laugh. One that’ll force people to remember me as I really am. A fun, creative idiot.

So, that’s the type of guy you’re looking at getting into business with. A guy that believes in fun & creativity so much, that he’ll sabotage a century of photos for one joke. It seems worth it to me. Let’s talk!

P.S.  I’ve got a long history of radio production experience in major markets, lot’s of creative skills, big shiny plaques, accolades, blah blah blah…