Radio Advertising

We want to make you a radio ad that doesn’t suck. Despite what you hear on your local radio station we promise it can be done. It begins with some simple rules...

How simple are these “rules?”

Air Support will work with anybody. But, we aren’t a good fit for everybody. Here’s a list of things that won’t be written into an Air Support script. If you’re curious why, we’d love to chat with you about it. Some answers can be found on our (FAQ page) as well.

  • Unsubstantiated claims about customer service.
  • How many years you’ve been in business.
  • Phone numbers and addresses.
  • That award you just won.

Still with us?! Awesome! You’re already more forward thinking than most advertisers.

How muchy?

Frankly, they can cost whatever you like, I mean… look at this range…

A basic 30

Professional writing,
In house (still awesome) voicing.


A not-so-basic 30

Professional writing,
Outsourced primo voicing.


A gold filigreed 30

Professional writing, Ear massage prior to listening, Voiced by A-list celebrity…

Probably around $1,000,000,000

For Example

Let’s chat...

Tumble down this rabbit hole a little further and we’ll get you a custom quote.