My clients are all awesome!

If they weren’t awesome they would never be brave enough to hire me. They would berate me for giving them an advertisement that didn’t refer to their business as a “one stop shop.” Thankfully, there are some great business owners out there that want something new & different in their advertising campaigns. This is what some of those guys have had to say about us…

Oodle Noodle (Edmonton, Alberta)  


“Working with Air Support has been an absolute pleasure. We have been able to develop funny memorable campaigns to build awareness of our restaurant chain overall and particularly our delivery business as well. I would highly recommend working with Adam.”  -Owner

Nation Radio (Edmonton, Alberta)  


“As a growing media company it is key that our brand reinforcement be funny and encourage people who may already be aware of our existence to tune in to our shows. Air Support has allowed us to develop these ads and the results have been great. To anyone looking for a company to help build their radio marketing – Air Support is the top of the pops!”   -Owner