Bad Jingles

We’re not very big fans of most radio jingles. But, there’s no denying that they work.

Music & rhythm appeals to our brains. It makes your message memorable. The problem is, you’re usually stuck with something cheesy.  So, your brand becomes cheesy, but memorable. That’s a tough choice! Here’s what we suggest.

Bad Jingles & Vintage Jingles!!!! 

We offer jingles that don’t take themselves too seriously. Something really magical happens when style morphs from serious to satirical. A cheesy jingle is just plain lame. A satirical jingle, that really knows that it’s bad, is fantastic. Plus, you retain all that great musical memory recall with your listeners. Your brand becomes fun and memorable. Or commission us to make you a vintage radio jingle. Nothing jumps off the radio more than a newly written jingle that sounds like the 50s.

Here’s some examples of what we’re talking about.

Vintage Jingles

Bad Jingles