Keywords are a hugely important element of good marketing in almost every medium. Unfortunately, most businesses haven’t realized the sheer power of strategic wording. Where is it used?

Absolutely everywhere!

  • Online - When you build a website you add keywords into the framework of the coding. This article has plenty of related words attached to help Googlers to find it.
  • Hashtags – Twitter users organize common keywords by use of Hashtags (adding a # before a word to make it searchable.
  • TV/Live Events – More and more people are realizing the benefit of organized keywords like the Twitter hashtag. That’s why you’ll often see keywords in hashtag form at the bottom of your screen while watching a show. This makes it easier for fans to share opinions with each other.

So, what are your keywords? What describes your business? Are you using those words consistently?

It doesn’t matter what medium you use. You need to be cognizant of the words that are associated with your brand. Sit down and make a list of everything that relates to your business. Make it long. Once your list is complete, eliminate anything mundane. Ordinary words like “service and “experience” aren’t going to help you as a keyword. They’re boring and overused. Try to invent words. Base keywords around your current campaign. Circle words & phrases that describe you; words that people would never confuse for someone else. These are ideal.

Now, use them in everything you do.

Use them in your radio ads. Use them in your billboards. Use them on your menus, business cards, flyers, signage, vehicle wraps, social media, sky-writing, propaganda, smoke signals, & chainsaw art. Use them absolutely everywhere until you actually own those words. Make your competitors fear using them in their advertising. Use them consistently in everything you do for one good reason.

It will make you memorable. It will also arm your customers with words that will help them find you. Those words will be plastered all over your search engine optimization. Your brand will deepen and you’ll make more money.

Find your keywords, and you’ll find your target clients.