Opportunity! New Year’s Resolutions.

It’s a cliché that we’ll be inundated with hundreds of advertisements for gyms & weight loss products at this point in the year. Those industries make a crapload of cash based on collective regrets. It sounds awful, but there is a huge opportunity available to businesses on January 1st. This is a major time for deep reflection. Ultimately, people come to an organic conclusion of what would make their lives better this year. So, why is it only gyms and diet plans that get in on the action? People carry many regrets that connect with a lot of businesses. To make it more delectable, January is one of the slowest times in radio advertising. It’s likely that you’ll get a good rate if you buy now. Even if you don’t, there is less commercialization on air which will make your ad stand out more. Ok, let’s take a look at the 10 most common New Year’s Resolutions and see who could benefit from them. #1 – Spend more time with friends and family – At the root of this resolution is a person’s desire to live life more fully. So, if you run a business that offers escape from the routine, there is an opportunity. Think dance classes, recreational sport, season’s passes to opera, ballet, ski hills. Anything that gets people out of their house with people they care about.

#2 & #3 – Become Fit/Lose Weight – Well, the clichés have these ones covered. But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t more businesses that can benefit as well. Organic produce markets are making a big impact these days. A shift in diet can make a big difference here.

#4 – Quitting Smoking – I have never head a hypnotist on the air for this purpose. Maybe Ravine and Wayne Lee can find a new income stream.

#5 – Quit Drinking – Offer a replacement. Continuing Education might be a good fit. Often people drink as a substitute for having nothing better to do. Offer people something new. Cooking classes would be a great start to replacing a routine.

#6 – Find a new job – Many of these resolutions come from a person’s desire for change. Placement agencies, schools, and individual companies can make a big difference at this time of year cashing in on that temperament.

#7 – Pay off debts – People just finished spending thousands on the holidays. Reality is setting in. That’s an opportunity for debt consolidators, banks, and mortgage brokers. It’s also an opportunity for financing. It’s ridiculous, but people who have debt often see a great deal as more of an opportunity to save than a new problem. I feel dirty targeting people that way, but if your business depends on that kind of person, this is a chance to speak to them.

#8 – Enjoy life more – This is another routine buster. When everyday looks like the one before it, life gets monotonous. Offer people a chance to break the cycle. Maybe it’s time to build a new home?

#9 – Give back – Volunteer programs can find huge value at this point in the year. Also, since most radio stations have lightened commercialization, “Not for profit” businesses might be able to get a really good deal.

#10 – Get organized – January 1st can be another time to target spring cleaning. If your business offers anything that will make the coming year easier, strike now.

January is super dead in the world of advertising. Yet, most businesses have a rare opportunity to connect on a deep level with their consumers. Maybe it doesn’t make sense for your business at first glance. I suggest you take a deeper look. You may be surprised at what’s available to you.