RIP: Slogans

Every clever formula will eventually fail. The more successful they are, the more likely they’ll become poisonous eventually.

Good creative is hard to approve

Often when I play a piece of creative for a client, there is an uncomfortable silence choking the air out of the room when the audio finishes. I relish this moment. It’s in this moment that I realize I’ve achieved what I wanted.

The One-Two Punch

It can be easy to fall in love with a slick commercial when you’re looking for a campaign for your business. Maybe it makes you laugh, maybe it makes you sound cool, or trendy or any number of other images. But, does it actually say anything solid about your business?

Outward Brand VS Inward Brand

Advertising campaigns are designed to bring attention to your company. The point is to get someone to visit a store, visit a website, or simply gain recognition of a brand. It can’t stop there!

A Call for Advertising Revolution

Honest question. Do we talk about ourselves too much in advertising?

Seriously. We all know that this is why people hate commercials of all types. They’re in your face, they waste your time, and they make you tune out.

Are Your Commercials Easy to Ignore?

The point of buying advertising time is to make your business stand out. So, why are so many commercials so easy to ignore? How are businesses allowing this to happen? Actually... it’s pretty easy. Don’t fret. Read this article and take the points to heart.


Keywords are a hugely important element of good marketing in almost every medium. Unfortunately, most businesses haven’t realized the sheer power of strategic wording.

Horizontal Schedules

Radio advertising is expensive. Unfortunately, you don’t have $30-120K a year to drop on one station immediately. That’s ok.  I mean, how many people open a business and have that kind of cash to drop on their new venture. 

Mental Anchors

Crappy commercials suck. You hate watching them, listening to them, being bombarded by them at every second of every damn day.

But… some of them. SOME of them get you. Some of them trick you into listening.

One Stop Shop

Everybody seems to think this phrase sits at the pinnacle of effective advertising. And hey, maybe it is a fantastic way to run a business in your industry. But, I can promise you this… it is one of the dullest, clichéd, trite things you can say about yourself.

A Lesson from the Asylum

A friend of mine last week included me on a very flattering/insulting post on Facebook. Most people would have been somewhat offended. I wore it as a badge of honour. He compared me to a crazy person from an asylum.

7 ways to advertise for free!

I was looking at my analytics results for the past year for my site. I noticed one of the main things people are looking for are ways to advertise for free. Ok cheapskates, here are few ideas on me. When you strike it rich, just make sure to utilize your buddy over here at Air Support. Let’s go!

Legendary Condom Lesson

What additional value do you add to your service or product? I had a big laugh when I saw the above picture a week ago. I had no idea that there was no difference between a Magnum condom and a regular one.  It really is a brilliant marketing ploy.

Opportunity! New Year’s Resolutions.

It’s a cliché that we’ll be inundated with hundreds of advertisements for gyms & weight loss products at this point in the year. Those industries make a crapload of cash based on collective regrets. It sounds awful, but there is a huge opportunity available to businesses on January 1st.

4 Things to do Before You Advertise

Advertising can be successful and still ultimately fail. Usually, both sides don’t understand why it didn’t result in actual success. The sad thing is it’s often blamed on the campaign or medium when it could have been a number of other disconnects in the execution. So, this week, let’s discuss some of the things you should do before you even consider advertising.

When Will My Ads Work?

Good for you! You’re ready to advertise. Now, it’s best to know what to expect. Everybody wants their ads to work from the first time they play. Unfortunately, that’s not always they way it works. Actually, it’s pretty much never the way it works... unless you run this scenario.

Fill in the Blanks

So, how do you give your business a personality? Well, I have a little homework to help set you on your way. All you need to do is fill in the blanks.

5 Ambitious Ideas that are scarier than anything you’re planning.

Whatever your “big” is, I want to encourage you to take the leap.